What is Traditianal Chinese Medicine(TCM)?

  • According to Professor Pan Xiaochuan, “classic traditional Chinese medicine” refers specifically to ancient Chinese astronomy as the background, with the I Ching as the philosophical basis, with the characteristics of imagery thinking, the treatment with “Qi” as the core, and pulse diagnosis as an important diagnostic method. The unique medical system that reached its peak in the Han and Tang Dynasties. Classical Chinese medicine takes self-consistent systematic medicine based on the axioms of constant phenomena in nature and deduces calculations according to the law of the number of pixels.
  • Those who meet the above defined standards are classic Chinese medicine. Those who do not meet can only become “non-” classic Chinese medicine.

What is Qi?

  • “Qi” is the cognition of life and all things in traditional Chinese philosophy.
  • “Qi” is the most primitive energy, the most subtle substance.

What is the channel for Qi?

  • The channel through which qi runs in the human body is called the meridian.

Why can “touching the pulse” know the state of Qi in our body?

  • Nan Jin: There are four most famous classics of traditional Chinese medicine, one of them is Nan Jin.There are 81 chapters in it, mainly 81 difficult issues.
  • Mentioned in the first difficulty issue:The pattern of death or life,of good or evil auspices harbored by the body’s 5 long-term depots and 6 short-term repositories is obtained from the inch opening.
  • 5 long-term depots and 6 short-term repositories:You can simply think of it as the function of all organs of the body.
  • The inch opening:When we pulse, the acupuncturist touches the patient’s finger, close to the wrist.
  • Maybe you think it is incredible, but please verify the truth of Chinese medicine through practice. As long as the method of checking the pulse and the needle can improve the health of the patient, this method is effective.
  • This method is immediate, which means you know the result without waiting.

Touching the pulse is like touching a “hula hoop”

Diseased Pulse
  • As shown in the left picture: The green part is our pulse, just like a tube, and this tube is protruding at the position of the ministerial fire, and it is sunken in the water.
  • Protrusion means too much energy, and sunken means less energy.
  • Pprotruding pulse means too much energy,and sunken pulse means less energy.

The purpose of treatment

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Normal Pulse
  • The purpose of treatment is to adjust the uneven pulse to round pulse.
  • The round pulse means the Qi flows smoothly.
  • When the pulse is round, the symptoms of the disease will improve or even disappear.
  • The most important thing for the treatment is to make the Qi smooth, so that the treatment has the best effect and the maintenance time is longer.

Treatment methods

  • Needling
  • Traditional Chinese Herbs
  • Essential oil
  • Moxibustion