Scalp Acupuncture
  • There are many kinds of acupuncture techniques, including body acupuncture, scalp acupuncture, ear acupuncture and so on.
  • Some acupuncture techniques are a bit painful, but most patients can tolerate them.
  • We will choose the most suitable acupuncture technique according to the patient’s condition, help the patient’s pulse return to normal, and relieve symptoms.


Cupping & Marks
  • Cupping is a way to eliminate stagnation.
  • After cupping, different color marks will be produced on the body. The darker is the color, the more serious the disease and the longer the time.
  • These marks will gradually disappear in 7-14 days according to different people, and the patient’s symptoms will lighten and improve.

Essential Oil

Essetial Oil
  • If you are afraid of needle insertion, we can use essential oils to enhance the patient’s organ function, and then adjust the patient’s pulse to reduce the patient’s symptoms.
  • The essential oil regulating pulse is completely painless and has immediate effect, especially suitable for children and patients who are worried.


Herb Formula
  • The herb formula is a combination of 5-8 different herbs.
  • These herbs are processed into powders, so you can drink them directly in the water conveniently.
  • The formula is customized for each person’s situation, so the formulas are different on different people or times.
  • The purpose of the herb formula is also to enhance organ function and help the patient’s pulse return to normal.
  • The special feature of the herb formul is that patients can take it every day by themselves and strengthen the organ function every day.
  • Therefore, the best treatment plan should be the combination of acupuncture and herb formula.